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Buddy's Rescue

We are Buddy’s Rescue, a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization dedicated to helping all animals find peace in any way, shape or form. Buddy’s Rescue Inc. was founded by Freddie & Chantalle, who have dedicated themselves to helping any animal in need.
The brother & sister team started many years ago with helping colonies of feral/stray cats in their home area, feeding them, providing medical aid, TNR‘ing them & adopting any kittens that were not feral. This continued on to bigger projects and including rescuing all animals in need and providing any aid we can. Finally Buddy’s Rescue was born to make this dedication official in 2017 and named after their first pup, Buddy who passed away in 2016 at age 16.
We assist in rescuing animals, providing all necessary health care, transportation, fostering & adoptions. This entails endless efforts in order to rescue, provide aid and find forever homes for these animals. We have dedicated ourselves to helping our furry friends in any way we can and will always continue to do so. We are constantly raising funds to assist us in continuing our mission to provide relief for animals in need. We thank you for visiting us and hope you will join our efforts in providing relief and hope for those who can not defend themselves.

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