Ziggy is 2 years old and 60lbs! He is a shepherd/husky mix who loves to be with his human.  Ziggy doesnt care for other dogs and loves to be one on one with his family.  Ziggy is very gentle and great with all people.


Nikki! Nikki is the SWEETEST cat we have ever met! He LOVES belly rubs and will roll around on his back all day long.  He has the sweetest voice and loves other cats! Nikki is 7 years old and will make the best cat for the most perfect family. 


Frankie! Frankie is 2 years old and always has one ear that stands straight up. Frankie is not a fan of other dogs or cats in his house but ignores them on his walks! He listens extremely well and knows all his commands.  Frankie is an exceptionally great dog! 


Cole is 2 years old and a full blue nose pitbull! He is about 65lbs full of love and just wants to kiss your face and hug you all day long.  He loves to run around the yard, but be careful because he is one athlete who can jump very high!  He isn't a big chewer but he loves his tennis ball.  Cole needs to be the only pet in the house because he just loves all the love!


Mickey is a 7 month old cattle dog mix who is about 25lbs! Mickey absolutely LOVES other dogs and does need a home that has other dogs as it gives him the confidence he needs.  Mickey is extremely gentle with all kids and people and a great dog.  He is a bit shy at first but give him another dog and he will be out of that shell immediately!


Sonia is 2 years old and about 30lbs.  She is a low rider pit mix who is the gentlest girl.  She LOVES kids and has the patience of a saint.  She gets very attached to her one person and will do anything for them.  Sonia does like other dogs and is trained!


Madison is full of energy and love. She absolutely loves to chew chew chew so make sure to have those bones ready for her! She loves other dogs and all people. All she wants to do is go for long walks, sleep and do it again. She is 2 years old and 45lbs. 


Our Mona girl. She has been through the war but that doesn't stop her from being one independent, strong lady! Mona does better as the only dog in the house as she is hesitant with other dogs. Training can do wonders for this! Her love is one that is gained easily through treats and walks. Boy does she need all the love she can get - our sweet girl!


Buzz loves to go for walks and stimulate his mind with training.  This boy loves to learn! He is 2 years old & 40lbs. He is great with people & very loyal to those who he loves. A true best friend Buzz is!


Chuckie the cheese lover! Chuckie had a rough start but boy is he spoiled now with his foster mama! Chuckie is 2 years old & 70lbs.  He is great with all people & kids! We should warn you though - He is a true snuggler!


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